Author Topic: Winners of the 3rd lottery round  (Read 1801 times)


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Winners of the 3rd lottery round
« on: October 17, 2020, 12:01:16 AM »
Hi All,

Our 3rd lottery game has ended and the draw took place on October 13, 2020 after all tickets were purchased.

The winners of the 3rd round are:

First Place: lakshi96 won $0.40
Second Place: lakshi96 won $0.20
Third Place: TITAN16 won $0.10
Fourth Place: lakshi96 won $0.05

Congratulations to the two winners! Cash prizes were credited to your cash balance.

As you can see it's possible to win several prizes if you purchase more than one ticket.

A new round has started and it will be over as soon as 100 tickets are purchased.

The price is still just 1 cent per ticket. There is no limit on how many tickets you can buy and you can win all the prizes!

If you don't know how to play here is a guide how to play our lottery.

Log in to your Virabux account to start playing. Good Luck!