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Update and New Premium Memberships more profitable
« on: June 06, 2021, 11:50:30 PM »
Dear all,

Following the feedbacks of our members, we have made some changes on the current memberships and have also added new ones that are way more profitable.

There are now 3 different categories of memberships.

  • Premium memberships are made for members who want to earn more while viewing PTC ads but also want to recruit referrals and get paid to promote.
  • Bux memberships are dedicated to members who only wants to make profits while being active on the site and are not interested really interested into recruiting referrals or promoting the site.
  • Viral memberships are specially made for advertisers, affiliates and members who want to recruit new referrals and to get paid to promote the site.

Key changes of the premium memberships
  • Earn up to $0,97 daily per ad view.
  • More new profitable memberships without the need of referrals.
  • Increase of the CPM for the PTP rotator.

Best Regards,

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