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Guide on how to use the PTP Rotator and FAQ
« on: May 10, 2020, 02:58:37 AM »
First of all, what is the PTP Rotator? Basically, you get paid to promote a link on others websites each time there is a valid hit. In addition to that, at Virabux, the url contains your referral ID which will help you to recruit new referrals and earn commissions on their earnings and purchases in addition to the valid hits.

So how to get started?


Where can I find my PTP referral link?

You can find it in your member's area by clicking on "promote" on the left menu under the referrals section. You will see on the right side how much you will get paid for each valid hits. The higher is your membership, the higher will be the amount per hits.

ATTENTION: You must change HTTP by HTTPS specially on sites that use a secured connection while watching ads such as: N1Adz. Failing to do so, earnings may be voided.

What is a valid hit?

Valid hits are unique visits that must come from approved websites. These visits must be from real persons.

Where can i find the approved websites?

You can find the list of the approved websites at the bottom of the website on the site links. Here is the link: PTP Approved websites

We are adding approved websites on a regular basis. So make sure you check back the list regularly.

I want to promote on a website that is not on the list.

Please contact us about your request via email and we will see if we can add it to the list.

What happens if I advertise my PTP link on a site that is not on the approved list?

You will simply not get paid for the hits.

What can't you do?

We won't accept traffic from, but not limited to: autosurf programs, pop-under ads, link-shortener services, No referrer or direct visits, fake referrer, non-traceable, hidden iframes, proxies/VPN, sending unsolicited e-mails, spamming, hacking or by defrauding other sites is not allowed.

Terms and Disclosure

Finally, please keep in mind that even if these sites are on the approved lists, Virabux does not guarantee that your PTP link will be approved or work properly on these sites. It is the member's responsibility to make sure that it complies with the terms and conditions of their website. You should also test it to make sure that the PTP link work properly on their websites. If these sites have autosurf, popup-under functionalities, or any way that does not require users actions it is prohibited to use them, as the traffic quality will be very low. If we find that some members are abusing of this feature and are not getting quality referrals, we reserve the right to ban them for using this feature, remove the earnings, divide their earnings up to 100 times. We may ask for proofs in order to make sure that the rotator link was promoted at the right place. We do monitor the quality of the hits and can remove sites from the approved lists at any time and without notice including but not limited to banning members, suspend accounts and void earnings.
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